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The House Plan

on October 7, 2011

For a couple of months now, my 7 year old daughter has ‘seriously’ been working on reaching her dream. First things first, what’s her dream? Whenever someone ask her this, one must be prepared for a long speech. Well, here’s her dream in a nutshell. When she grows up, she wants to build a children’s home. She said, that every morning she will drive around the city to look for street kids and bring them to her home, cook for them , play with them, and read them stories about Jesus.

We thought that this was just one of her passing dreams but then, almost everyday she thinks  about this. There are times that she  lists down the things that she needs at the home or the people she needs to work there. Today, she drew up the house plan. :) I think in the future she will get  good Project Manager Jobs . But kidding aside, I’m just glad that as early as now, my daughter has a heart for the people. It is my prayer that God will preserve this heart and indeed her dreams will come true according to the will of God.

2 responses to “The House Plan

  1. nanay says:

    Amen! I am blessed that at early age she has that plans already in her heart.

  2. Rick Shant says:

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