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Netbook Dilemma

I think I have decided to go on with the repair of my netbook. The cost is actually quite costly since we needed to buy a new hard drive for it. I was actually contemplating on canceling the repair when I heard that I could buy a new netbooks for only 699RM. But then, I still don’t have that amount as of this time and I also don’t want to waste my HP Mini. I would just have to make use of this now and try to really take care of it.

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The Thick Instructor’s Guide

We’re going to start homeschooling this Monday but I haven’t started reading our homeschool instructor’s guide yet. The instructor’s guide was soo thick that I felt overwhelmed and thus I’m procrastinating. But I know for sure that once I start reading it and start using it, I would get the hang of it. I’m sure it’s thick because everything that I need to know is there and therefore make homeschooling easier for me.

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Ups and Downs

Motherhood has its ups and downs just like there are good days and not-so-good days. It would have been extremely hard for me to cope with 2 energetic kids if I didn’t have a very helpful and supportive husband. Day after day my Hubby has always been there to help me out even after his busy days at work.

As I’ve been reading and pondering on Proverbs 31, I can’t help but pray that someday I would attain that kind of  ‘perfection’. I’m sure the woman in Proverbs 31 also has her own ‘downs’ in motherhood but maybe she has learned to overcome them.

I’ve read some stories about Moms getting so burnt out and depressed that they even seek out help from . Whenever I get burnt out, I make sure that that I go back to my prayer closet and ask help from God.

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