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Trial Pre School

on April 14, 2010

Five more days before my  li’l boy is going for his 2 weeks trial preschool. I really like the Thai school idea where they will let all the 3-4 pre schoolers have a 2 week trial school first before the start of the school year. During this trial period, parents are allowed to wait for them in the school so, they can be brought home anytime if they cry. This will go on for 2 weeks until the kids are already comfortable with the school, their teachers and classmates.

Their school time at the trial stage will only be for 3 hours ( or half a day) as opposed to the normal 7 hour classes ( or full day classes). Since they’re just pre preschoolers, their classes will be short and they will have more time for games, activities, meals and naps.

Anyways, I’m quiet excited but nervous at the same time how my li’l boy will do. I just hope and pray that he can adjust easily and be happy in going to Thai school.

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One response to “Trial Pre School

  1. Bogie says:

    3 hours is too long. Here in the Philippines we only have 2 hours. The trial pre -school program is great, some schools here have that and calls it “sit-in program”.

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